What We Offer

Wedding Cars

We currently have two wedding cars on the fleet, the beautiful Beauford, which is pictured, and a classic Diamler which was once among royal company after being used to chauffeur one of the dignitaries to a royal garden party.

Whichever model you pick for your special day, you know you will arrive in both class and style.

Vintage Buses

We have a variety of vintage vehicles for you to choose from in either a single deck version or the classic double decker which can be seen pictured.

Whichever vehicle you opt for to transport your guests, you can be sure they will be left with a feeling of nostalgia and a special memory to add to the others you have created for them.

Wedding Bus

Our modern yet incredibly stylish and practical solution for transporting your guests, this vehicle also allows the less able bodied or disabled guest to travel as it has a space for a wheelchair, an access ramp, and the bus kneels to create less of a step to board.

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