Focus on celebrating and let us handle the transport.

Experts in creating memorable journeys.


  • All of your guests arrive at the same time
  • Makes life easier and less stressful for your guests
  • Guests that don’t drive can be catered for
  • Your wedding bus can match the feel of the wedding
  • Your guests don’t have to worry about drink driving
  • Your guests don’t have to worry about getting a hotel
  • No parking problems
  • Pleasant, celebratory atmosphere amongst the guests on the bus
  • Peace of mind for you as the organiser


We know how much organisation and effort is going into your wedding day and that ferrying your many guests from one place to another is a stress that you would be only happy to do without. Kingfisher Wedding Travel are vastly experienced in wedding day transport; we will ensure that your guests travel comfortably on their journey, being sure to stick to the schedule of your important day. Whether it’s a family-only occasion or a huge gathering, we have the resources and the vehicles to meet your requirements.

Let's work together and make your special day one to remember

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